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03-04-2013, 06:46 PM
I'm just full of cooking tips so I'll share! :smile-new:

When chopping herbs, toss a little kosher salt onto the cutting board; it will keep the herbs from flying around.

After cutting corn off the cob, use the back side of a knife (not the blade side) to scrape the cob again to extract the sweet milk left behind. This milk adds flavor and body to any corn dish.

03-04-2013, 07:16 PM
One of the handiest tools is an X-acto knife.

03-04-2013, 07:35 PM
One of the handiest tools is an X-acto knife.

I agree in part! :smile-new: Around the house Ive used them but I never had the need while cooking!

03-04-2013, 08:26 PM
I started using X-acto knives when I started buying meat in those foam trays covered in plastic wrap. A simple, quick light cut corner to corner across the back made it easy. Also, I use the X-acto to cut frozen pork sausage wrappers (like Farmland or Rice's) before letting it thaw for about 15-20 minutes. The patties cut cleaner if the sausage is still partially frozen.

Hot-rodding box cake mixes:

Chocolate...substitute dark rum or Creme de Cacao for the water. Add some semi-sweet chocolate morsels.

Lemon...zest the rind of 4 lemons (if you don't have a microplaner for zesting, a fine grater will work), juice the meat before adding water, add both to the batter.

Orange...as above but with oranges.

03-05-2013, 07:01 PM
Moe tips:

Do not use oil in the water when boiling pasta: It will keep the sauce from sticking to the cooked pasta. Salt only!

Rest, rest, rest! Always let your meat rest — especially off a hot grill! Covered with tin foil for at least 10 minutes, the juices will flow back into the meat!

Don't overcrowd the pan when you're sautéing — it'll make your food steam instead of browning. Do it in batches if you have to.

03-05-2013, 09:00 PM
This only works with instant potatoes.

When preparing, cube sharp cheddar cheese (equal in volume to the potatoes) and add to the milk (we use water) and butter to melt. Then add the potatoes and finish as usual.

03-05-2013, 10:17 PM
Do not throw spaghetti against the wall. It is not an accurate measurement for doneness.

Every kitchen should have a pizza stone.

Salt fried foods immediately out of the fryer.