View Full Version : "Here Is A Prime Example Of Obama's Lack Of Sound Judgement, Picking Biden As VP !"

09-28-2008, 08:35 AM
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Biden the bumbler

Sen. Joe Biden is proving to be a disastrous pick - threatening to bring down the Democratic ticket. The vice presidential candidate said this week that national leaders should follow the example of President Franklin Roosevelt's response to a financial crisis.

"When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened,' " Mr. Biden told "CBS Evening News."

But Herbert Hoover, not Roosevelt, was president when the stock market crashed in 1929 - a fact commonly known to many high-school students (but apparently not to Mr. Biden). Moreover, television was barely in existence in those days. Radio was the mass medium of the time.

This is not simply a case of Mr. Biden being historically illiterate. It goes to the core of his candidacy's problem: He is a buffoon and a bumbler. His list of gaffes is becoming legendary. He recently said Sen. Hillary Clinton is "more qualified than I am to be vice president." In Missouri, he told a paraplegic state official to stand up to be recognized. He has referred to his wife, a college professor, as "drop-dead gorgeous," but who problematically has a doctorate. Last year, he described Sen. Barack Obama as clean, bright and articulate. He once said an Indian accent is needed to enter a Dunkin' Donuts or 7-Eleven in Delaware.

Mr. Biden has become a national joke. And although late-night comedians are lapping it up at his expense, the Democrat's penchant for silliness raises a very serious issue: How could Mr. Obama have chosen such an irresponsible, vacuous person to be his running mate? Compared to Mr. Biden, Gov. Sarah Palin is the embodiment of mature, seasoned leadership.

Democrats have a ready excuse: That's just Joe being Joe. He may be gaffe-prone and loquacious, they argue, but he's substantive on the big issues-especially, foreign affairs. This is false. Mr. Biden is a classic Washington insider: He is full of credentials, sits on numerous panels (including being chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee), and boasts of vast experience. He is impressive on paper; in reality, he is intellectually and morally weak.

He has been wrong on almost every major issue during his last 35 years in the Senate. Mr. Biden is a trendy transnational progressive, who votes the liberal line when it is politically convenient - regardless of the costs to the national interest or in human lives.