View Full Version : Pentagon wants laser attack warnings for satellites

05-29-2008, 01:51 AM
"Build one that can track and target the attacker and smoke it automatically ,""They attack us in space we fight back !A lasar in space has the advantage of direct 'sun pumping' with the potential of enormous power outputs "

The Pentagon is developing sensors to pinpoint a ground-based laser attempting to blind one of its spy satellites. The move will be interpreted as a further step towards the militarisation of space, say some experts. Pentagon officials have privately voiced concern that malfunctioning spy satellites might actually be the target of ''illumination''by Chinese forces testing such technology.

Despite SASSA being a defensive technology, some believe it could make future conflict in space more likely. "It's a defensive step but one that assumes an attack," says military analyst Hewson. "It is a baby step in the preparation for fighting in space."

"The US is becoming more vocal about protecting its satellites after China's anti-satellite test," says Hewson. "And the reason is that the US is uniquely vulnerable because of its massive dependence on space systems for everything from high-tech communications to satellite navigation."

Hewson says the ability to blind a spy satellite using a ground-based laser is real enough: "If you can hit the sensor with a big enough burst of energy it will blind optical sensors on a photoreconnaissance satellite. The laser technology to perform this attack has been around since the 1980s."


05-29-2008, 01:56 AM
Makes sense the first thing the Chinese would do is hit our satellites.