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09-29-2008, 08:00 PM
Monumental Day: Bailout Fails

"Old Nan Pelosi looks like hell on Drudge Front Page !"

Monumental Day: Bailout Fails (Pelosi Takes It In Her Pantsuits; Dems Panicked About Election Alert)


RUSH: Boy, this is fascinating. There are so many elements here and we are once again learning that conventional wisdom is BS. Let's start with one thing, and that is all last week we heard, "The Democrats can pass this if they want to, why wait for the Republicans?" Obviously that wasn't true. There's another thing that's a factor in this House vote today. It has failed.

However, they suspended the vote, and Nancy Pelosi, she needs to get 11 Democrats to change their minds. Can you imagine the arm twisting in the speaker's office going on as we speak? A significant number of Democrats voted against this, which tells me a whole lot of things. One of the things it tells me is that they are nervous about being reelected. They are scared to death, these Democrats are, about being reelected. If that were a slam-dunk, this would be a no-brainer today. The Democrats would have passed this without any necessary Republican votes.

But they're in there being offered all kinds of things to switch their votes, and if they do, if 11 of these Democrats do change their minds after the arm twisting of Pelosi and Steny Hoyer and whoever else, everybody's going to know who they are. (laughing) Remember Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky who changed her vote at the last minute to pass Clinton's tax increase back in 1993? It was the end of her career. She was from Philadelphia.

There's something else going on here, ladies and gentlemen, that has a lot of members of the House of Representatives up in arms, and here is what it is. We've been told for a week this is a crisis, this is Armageddon. It failed. They failed to twist the arms. It's histoire. They failed to twist the arms. Here's another factor. This is crucial. All last week, the focus was on who?

The House, particularly House Republicans. All last week, we were told that the people responsible for this needed to turn around and be bipartisan and help solve this. It's a crisis. It's Armageddon. It's the Great Depression 2. And then, members of the House were told that this is important, it's crucial.

Members of the House were told the Senate's going to vote Wednesday or Thursday, and members of the House said, "What? If there's such a crisis and they're going to wait 'til Wednesday or Thursday, what for?" And they quickly figured out that senators would be able to better read the public after the vote to figure out how best to vote to protect themselves.

So there was deep resentment in the House of Representatives over the fact that the Senate got to wait a couple days after they voted because their necks were in the noose in the House while the Senate got to sit around and wait and see what was going to happen and hear from constituents.


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Wonder how big of a hit Rush's drug stocks took today?:cool:

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I heard (but do not know if it's true) that all reps not running again voted yes.

I wonder if that's true.

09-29-2008, 08:06 PM
Wonder how big of a hit Rush's drug stocks took today?:cool:

Less than yours, Darwin.

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Wonder how big of a hit Rush's drug stocks took today?:cool:


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[QUOTE=megimoo;58506][SIZE="3"] Monumental Day: Bailout Fails

"Old Nan Pelosi looks like hell on Drudge Front Page !"

You ain't kidding!


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This is the one on Drudge, get a load of those earlobes.

http://d.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/ap/20080929/capt.09bde547afd34e3680c8c05981bbdc56.congress_fin ancial_meltdown_dclj105.jpg?x=400&y=309&q=85&sig=uYU.pi1ZflCN3jeTTurcmw--