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06-22-2013, 10:28 PM
Published: June 21, 2013

He looked all right, walking beside the road on Saturday evening. But it was his choice of road — or rather, highway, an eastbound lane of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway where it winds through Downtown Brooklyn — that prompted a passing driver to call 911.

The police in Brooklyn want to identify this man, and find out how he got to New York.

Officers who responded found an 81-year-old Hispanic man, with a baseball cap and some papers in his pockets and no idea who or where he was.

“Obviously disoriented,” said Sgt. Richard Ericson of the 88th Precinct’s detective squad. “He didn’t smell of alcohol or anything like that. There was nothing abnormal about what he was wearing.”

The officers took him to Long Island College Hospital and set about trying to solve the mystery. Who was this man and who would claim him?

These questions arise periodically in New York. On June 5, officers found a man in his 60s walking on the West Side Highway. In late May, a man in his 20s, unable to communicate and without identification, was removed from a bus in Queens and placed in a hospital. In April, a man in the Bronx called 911 to report someone lost with no memory of his name or address — himself.
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