View Full Version : ‘CNN Shame On You’ Signs Appear in Cairo

07-08-2013, 11:25 PM


‘CNN Shame On You’ Signs Appear in Cairo By Noel Sheppard | July 07, 2013
It appears some Egyptians are not pleased with CNN’s coverage of last week’s coup.
According to numerous sources including CNN senior international correspondent Ben Wedeman, the [above] sign is appearing in the crowds in Tahrir square.

This appeared to start Wednesday when a petition surfaced at Causes.com called "CNN…shame on you":

To: CNN – You should be ashamed of yourself. Your coverage of the revolution was totally biased in favor of the MB, just like your Government.


Jay Rosen: "Based on replies, the "shame on CNN’ signs have their origin in CNN calling events a "coup" and a shot of Tahrir mislabeled pro-Morsi crowd."

Blake Hounshell [sic], the deputy editor of Politico, believes this CNN screenshot might be the culprit:


Notice the caption in the upper-right corner reading "Cairo/Pro-Morsy Pr…"

And the protests have moved to America. CNN’s New York headquarters: