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Those wacky muzzies, what will they do next:

Get Raped In Dubai And You'll Serve 16 Months In Prison (http://www.forbes.com/sites/eamonnfingleton/2013/07/21/what-a-wonderful-world-get-raped-in-dubai-and-youll-serve-16-months-in-prison/?partner=yahootix)

A court in Dubai has sentenced a young Norwegian woman, Marte Deborah Dalelv, to 16 months in jail after she brought charges of rape against a colleague. Dismissing her allegations, the court saw fit instead to find her guilty of drinking alcohol and wanting the sex that she alleged was forced upon her. Meanwhile she was let go by her Qatar-born employer, the interior designer Wissam al Mana, who is otherwise known as Janet Jackson’s latest husband.That's Miss Jackson if you're nasty.

The status of ordinary decent local women in Dubai is powerfully symbolized by the fact that wives can be beaten with impunity so long as no marks are left.No wonder why Dubai leads the world in sacks of oranges sold each year.

Certainly, all American wishful thinking to the contrary, the world is NOT converging to American values.

The larger point here is that Eastern and Western cultures are in many ways incompatible. Rudyard Kipling made the point more than a century ago: “Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.”Duh. Which is why we need to immediately stop the false front that muzziedom is anything but tolerable.

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Dubai has pardoned her and set her free.....


AP story so link only.

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And Dubai is supposedly the liberal, moderate face of Islam. It's the place where Islam is supposed to embrace the modern world and demonstrate its forward-looking aspects. Now, it turns out that, like the Ottomans and other Muslim rulers, the skyscrapers are just more western trappings for Muslims who are demonstrating their power and wealth. The only difference is that they are building luxury hotels instead of palaces and mosques.