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09-30-2008, 06:00 PM

Kangaroo on the climate change menu

By Alison Rehn and Brad Watts

October 01, 2008 01:45am
Article from: The Daily Telegraph

* Climate change will force big changes in diet
* Lamb, beef will be much more expensive
* Fuel prices will soar

KANGAROO meat could become the staple diet for some households forced to give beef and lamb the chop to survive climate change.

And families will be shocked by a dramatic rise in electricity prices of up to $450 a year as the cost of climate change hits home.

Money money money....

That was the warning by the Rudd Government's top climate change adviser Ross Garnaut, who in releasing his report yesterday said Australians needed to prepare for a substantial rise in electricity and gas, food and petrol costs.

If the Federal Government adopts Professor Garnaut's proposal to start an emissions trading scheme in 2010 with ambitious emissions targets, households will feel the pinch.

Based on a carbon price of $30 a tonne, consumer and environment experts predict NSW and ACT households can expect:

* ELECTRICITY bills to rise by between 21 and 37 per cent, or between $240 and $444 a year;

* GAS prices to jump 11 per cent or $15 a year;

* PETROL prices to soar 8c a litre, adding an average $190 to the yearly fuel bill;

* DIESEL and LPG to rise $170 a year; and

* THE price of beef and lamb to soar to a point where only wealthy households can afford it. Scare tactics and now extortion.

Climate change / global warming, is a myth, a lie, a scam, a Ponzi scheme.

It is about one thing and one alone. MONEY.

Kiss the election goodbye, you earwax eating, celebrity chasing control freak

09-30-2008, 06:18 PM
And this makes me really wonder - even about groups like Woods Hole, etc.

The deep dive submersibles and such are neat to watch on the National Geographic Channel, but the politics gets a bit thick in their message some times.

It costs a great deal to keep those mechanisms up and running, everybody fed, warm and safe - and I understand there are grants for such things, but I wonder if political officials - in many countries - rubbing elbows with the research teams at parties, arenít swayed to include various government dollars to the cause.