View Full Version : Anti-U.S. Hostility Ramps Up in Egypt

08-10-2013, 01:36 AM
in Cairo and
in Washington
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A headline in a major Egyptian state newspaper this week referred to the proposed U.S. envoy to Egypt as the "Ambassador of Death." Posters in Cairo's Tahrir Square, a center of pro-government rallies, depict President Barack Obama with a beard and turban, exclaiming his "support for terrorism."

Another large Egyptian newspaper alleged Sen. John McCain, who traveled to Cairo this week in an effort to break a deadlock between the government and its Islamist rivals, has chosen sides by employing Muslim Brotherhood staffers in his office.

Photos of President Obama were burned, defaced or shown with a beard during the protests.

Egypt's state and privately owned media outlets, already no strangers to demonizing the U.S., have embarked on a particularly critical campaign. The latest salvos have targeted Robert Ford, the likely nominee for American ambassador to a country that is pivotal to U.S. foreign policy.
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We now support evil, they are correct. We have made many mistakes in the past but that is what they were, mistakes. This is different, this is willful.