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09-23-2013, 10:41 AM
Stolen (with permission) from jukin over at conservativecave..........

So according to the DUmmys, things were going pretty good in the ME until King Barky the Incompetent put his sooper jeanus brain on these not ideal but stable situations. Prematurely pulled out of Iraq, now there is violence everywhere, and it is far worse than when he found it. Made Libya and Tunisia smoldering hellholes far worse than when he found it. Made Egypt unstable and violent, and it is far worse than when he found it. I know the good war, Afghanistan, more Americans have died there in under five years than under GWB in seven years, more unstable, and it is far worse than when he found it. OK, I should lay off all of Obama's foreign policy failures.

Let's look at what his 11th dimensional chess mind has accomplished domestically. 9.5 million fewer jobs, the lowest labor participation rate since 1965, and a 50% haircut in Americans wealth. Median pay has gone down almost $3000/yr. National debt up $7 trillion. Home ownership is at a record low. Gas has doubled. Energy in general has doubled. Core food costs have doubled. Doubling of food stamp participants. Record number of people on SSDI. Real GDP growth is negative. Made a law that incentivizes employers to make part time jobs (96% of all jobs created) and drop benefits. In short he has taken our economy under his recovery down the crapper and it is far worse than when he found it. Enough about Obama's domestic economic train wreck.

OK maybe I'm being harsh on our first affirmative action preznint. He must surely be protecting our civil liberties. He did guest lecture at a community college about the Constitution for a year and Bush was a fascist. Wait, Obama worked tirelessly to get the NSA privacy protections Bush put in overturned. His NSA reads every email and has used strong arm tactics of the Stazi to force independent companies to give him our data. Well at least Obama has been fair in enforcing the laws that Congress has passed. NOPE, first time any sitting preznint has not defended legislation was DOMA. He also chooses what parts of laws he will enforce and which ones he will not as in illegal immigration and his own signature train wreck the cACA. Surely our brave sooper jeanus president would apply the laws fairly and not use government to punish his enemies. NOPE, he has used the IRS, the DOiJ, and the EPA to selectively punish his enemies (no not terrorists, conservatives) and reward his campaign contributors. Our civil rights and equal protection under the law are far worse than when he found it.

BUT but, Obama was a great community organizer. Well no. The community that he antagonized is now the murder capitol of the country. Almost a billion dollars in grant money did nothing to improve the community's school performance. However, he and his friends did get very rich while the community went downhill and it is far worse than when he found it.

Obama has little in true accomplishments but many fake accolades. The one and only thing he is good at is finding something or some situation and making it far worse than when he found it. His one God given talent is for destruction. Both the USA and the world will be/is far worse than when he found it.