View Full Version : Blue Balled: Having Run Out Of Ideas, Dems Fall Back On Sex.

06-12-2008, 05:51 PM
Dems Use Edgy Films to Rally Youth Voters
'Blue Balled' Uses Sex-Laden Video; New GOP Site Targets Youth

June 11, 2008

A stunning 20-something woman hooks up with a seemingly innocent guy at a rowdy singles bar. Hot foreplay starts on the cab ride home and progresses into the bedroom.

Independent filmmakers make movies to support the Democratic Party.That is until, while searching for a condom in the bedside table, she sees a photo signed "Thanks for your support!" from Republican candidate John McCain.

Horrified, she bolts, dropping her bag and spilling a campaign button on the sidewalk: "I only sleep with Democrats." The camera quickly cuts to a cool, bespectacled man with a donkey pin on his lapel. The couple's eyes lovingly lock.

"Blue Balled" -- an edgy, video short distributed on YouTube and other Web sites this week -- has a simple message: If you vote Democrat, you are intellectual, hip and savvy. If you vote Republican, you are an untouchable -- bumbling, square and uptight.

What was it Speedy used to always say? That he folded up female libs like lawn chairs because they were just so easy to get? :D

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