View Full Version : One of the Last D-DAy Veterans - John Kessler

Molon Labe
06-12-2014, 06:36 PM
I met Mr. Kessler 2 years ago at a Army old timers reunion. He wasn't on a walker back then and I got to talk to the man for an hour about his experiences. What a great guy! There are still a few D-Day veterans in the area. The region of Virginia used to be full of survivors because we are home to the 29th infantry and they took a slew of casualties during the invasion. I meant to share this last week but life gets in the way sometimes and I knew that people here would appreciate a story on a man who was part of the greatest generation.
He turned 93 this month.

Some things for the record he didn't say in the interview. He told me he punched a German Captain in the mouth for demanding special treatment as a POW for being a German officer. :biggrin-new:


This is the way I remember him. Much better health. I hope he sticks around for a good long time for people to hear his story.