View Full Version : Whiskey.Tango.Foxtrot!!!

06-15-2014, 12:46 AM
Had 2 transloads today,,, moving a load from one truck to another.

First one, was a 26 foot truck(stacked,crammed and full!) the renter didn't look like the type with money... old '67 Jap car on the hauler. Waited 26hrs for us to get the call. Patient and very friendly, when we arrived... The load took 6 hrs to complete! He tried to tip $100 a guy! ( I couldn't accept that much:cold:) We got $20 and lunch...

2 hours later we got another trans-load, a 10 foot truck with a dresser and a dictionary Prius in-tow. It took 25 mins. to arrive. 10 mins to switch the load... AND the customer is wanting a REFUND, FOR EVERYTHING! Even the reload! ( Which he didn't pay for... The company did)

Lefties are way too easy to spot, these days... The good ones, not-so-much...

and to Larry Smienhoff(sp?) Hat off to you sir! :friendly_wink: