View Full Version : HOW I SEE IT: Time to vote incumbents out of office

10-11-2008, 01:12 PM
For at least the last 10 years, weíve noticed a trend that Congress does not support the will of the American people.

Voters have sat back and re-elected the same people who are not heeding the wishes of the people, but have led the country deep into socialism and all its dilemmas.

Even now, while we hang on the verge of a depression, the Congress approves bailouts which will cost almost a trillion dollars with the earmarks that have been attached.

Congress treats the American people as if the voters are dumb children unable to think or take care of them-selves.

In just the last couple of years, the majority of voters demanded that Congress establish a border control for illegal immigration. Congress gave a lot of lip service and continued on the same path.

Two or three months ago, when gas prices climbed to the $4 mark, people demanded drilling in America. An energy bill was put forward by Speaker Pelosi that not only did not allow that drilling to begin, but also added additional restrictions to delay or stall any future hope of drilling.

Democrats and Republicans have both become so similar that we no longer have a check- and-balance system in our government.

Itís time the people took a stand and reminded those in office that we, the people, are in control.

It does not matter what party, it does not matter what individual ó if they are coming up for re-election, vote them out. Both parties are guilty; representatives of both need to be replaced with, hopefully, people who really care about the nation.


Now, we the people are stuck with the bill. If we keep on voting the same people in, we will keep getting the same lousy service.

Folks, letís face it. Our country has had some bad times since 9/11 and the government continues with its giveaway programs when weíre out of funds.

I donít know about you, but I was always taught that when you run out of money, you give up all the extras and stop spending.

Well, I think itís time we get rid of the extras in Washington ó stop even talking about spending money we donít have ó and tell the truth. Raising taxes isnít the answer, either, Herbert Hoover tried that and it took the country 10 years to get out of the depression it caused.

Letís vote every incumbent out. And it would be good if the political parties would vote a lack of confidence in the two people running for president, but I guess weíre stuck with them.