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10-11-2008, 08:15 PM
cloudythescribbler (1000+ posts) Sat Oct-11-08 07:09 PM
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Poll question: How likely is it that the W Administration will concoct some international crisis as a hail mary?
Polls clearly show that the more the election focuses on the economy, especially an economy in crisis so easily laid at the GOP's feet, the better Obama does. By contrast, it is argued cogently by many that the more people are focused, in fear, on international relations, terrorism, war, etc (other than simply getting out of Iraq), the better it is for McCain. Clearly the reality than an atmosphere of "security crisis" of some kind might be the ONLY way that McCain could even come close enough to winning at the polls for the election to be stolen is not lost on the W Bush Administration.

Also, the notion of accusing the president of starting some major crisis situation, when he cries "emergency" is apt to be treated with outrage in the MSM, and in turn pose a serious problem for 'swing voters' in swing states. The temptation might be enormous.

But there are a mere two weeks and several days to go until election day -- so any international MILITARY/SECURITY and/or TERRORISM crisis would have to be concocted fast, if it is going to happen.

What are the chances of such a crisis "happening" in the next 2 1/2 weeks?
Poll result (4 votes)
0-10% chance -- Even if W is unethical enough to do that, the ruling class wouldn't let him (1 votes, 25%) Vote
10-30% chance -- a serious possibility, but not anywhere near a likelihood (1 votes, 25%) Vote
30-50% chance -- it's a strategy no doubt being seriously considered by the GOP leadership as you read this (1 votes, 25%) Vote
50%-70% -- More probable than not, W just needs to think he can get away with it (1 votes, 25%) Vote
70%-90% -- unless something happens now to stop it, it's practically a done deal (0 votes, 0%) Vote
90%-100% -- the question isn't IF, but WHERE? (0 votes, 0%) Vote
It's the apocalypse (0 votes, 0%) Vote
Other (see comment below) (0 votes, 0%) Vote

Yeah, just like DU predictions of Bush catching Bin Laden in Oct. 04 came through, right?

They never get tired of being this stupid. God bless 'em for the entertainment they provide.

Cloudyheadeddribbler left out the "marshall" law option though.


ralph wiggum
10-11-2008, 08:18 PM
...But there are a mere two weeks and several days...

This moron cannot even add. :rolleyes:

10-11-2008, 09:37 PM
This moron cannot even add. :rolleyes:

The OP obviously graduated from public school and realizes he can add so he covers himself with that several days remark. It's like two weeks and 10 days away.

10-12-2008, 10:45 AM
Ahhhhh...I see we have ID'd Loganspapa's mole on DU!!!!:D:D