View Full Version : A little ray of sunshine . . .

07-18-2014, 09:46 PM
. . . in a dark political wasteland.

I had the day off, and was lookin' through some Twitter accounts.

Want to see some serious opposites, compare Reids to Gowdys.

Reids is funny, a merciless bashing at every turn, with little support from . . . . anybody.

Gowdys on the other hand, is pretty much all support, save the usual few "sheep" posts.

Any "big name" libs say anything about global warming, immigration, or O-care - they
get barnstormed, and by a lot of people that make sense.

I probably went through about 15 of 'em, and not one peep about the IRS. Wonder why
that is?

Anyway, kind of interesting.