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Control the language, control the children.

Back to School: When Mr. Reuter Becomes ‘Ms. Reuter’
Queer theory has arrived in public schools for the ten and under set .

...The families of Janney Elementary School, a highly rated DC elementary school in the affluent northwest quadrant of the city, recently received a different sort of back-to-school notice (provided to me by a confidential source). Janney’s principal, Norah Lycknell, announced in a July 17 email to the “Janney Community” that the school’s writing inclusion teacher, the former Mr. Robert Reuter, had declared himself transgender and would now be known as “Ms. Rebecca Reuter (Ms. Reuter to our students).” Principal Lycknell described end-of-year meetings in which Mr. Reuter (as he was known then) “bravely” shared his “powerful and personal story” and his plan to transition to a new gender identity.

The principal’s email informs parents that Teacher Reuter’s announcement gave rise to “wise wonderings,” and “months of thought and planning” in consultation with a “wide scope of educators, experts, and partners,” about how the school community should put its values of “equity,” “inclusion,” and “caring” into practice. “[A]ll children and adults in Janney’s community,” says Lycknell, need to know that “they will be embraced regardless of their subtle and explicit identities.”
Case Study in LGBT School Activism

Stripped of its emotional puffery, Lycknell’s email provides a case study of how LGBT activists are foisting ideological conformity on America’s school children, re-educating them in gender and sexuality according to queer theory....

Lycknell’s ‘guidelines’ for parents line up with the Left’s orthodoxy. Point by point, they read like a sampler from an “Indoctrination 101” toolkit (officially, “The Welcoming Schools” Starter Kit, peddled to schools across the country by the Human Rights Campaign). And Lycknell demonstrates well how left-leaning, government-funded employees effectively impose LGBT “groupthink” on impressionable schoolchildren and their well-meaning parents, effectively silencing the opposing views of other parents, faith leaders, and the community at large.
Control the Language, Control the Debate

Lycknell’s email insists early on that discussions about gender employ a precise vocabulary. In paragraphs headlined “The Language of Gender Transition” and “Conversations at Home,” she summarizes the Left’s gender propaganda. Two millennia of philosophical, scientific, and religious perspectives simply vanish in Lycknell’s dogmatic presentation of gender as a social construct and gender identity as a feeling-based reality disconnected from a person’s biological sex. Drawing heavily from the Human Rights Campaign’s “Welcoming Schools” project, Lycknell presents queer theory as fact, the sign of an “increasingly diverse and honest world.”

The Script for ‘Know-Nothing’ Parents

Lycknell reminds parents of the goal—to help children “broadly recognize gender as a continuum with many ways to express oneself as a person.” ...Giving children the Left’s “language of sex and gender,” says Lycknell, is “empowering” for them and provides “meaning and context” for schoolwide discussions. Lycknell’s email “strongly recommend[s]” that parents begin now to discuss sex, gender, and gender transitions with their children, to provide “space and time” for them “to safely process what may be a previously unknown way of considering the gradients between sex and gender.”....

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