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11-21-2014, 04:10 PM
Yeah. We're supposed to take their border jumpers and feed, clothe and educate them. They, on the other hand, get to charge us for going into their country legally. No wonder it's been suspended for a bit, even though it's been legal for Mexico to do this since 2012.


If you are a United States citizen and cross the border frequently you may have to pay a fee to go into Mexico.

The National Immigration Institute in Mexico (INAMI) has started a pilot program in which foreigners that enter Mexican territory for more than seven days or they will be involved in paid work, they will have to pay 306 pesos, or about 28 US dollars.

“We are doing what should be done,” said Rudolfo Figueroa, representative of INAMI in Baja California. “Foreigners who enter Mexico have the obligation to register; if they will be in national territory for more than seven days, they have to pay the right of non-residents.”

Figueroa said that the implementation is a pilot program, but the legislation has existed since 2012.

He adds that currently the implementation does not include vehicles yet, only pedestrians that cross into Mexico through the port of entries in Otay, San Ysidro/El Chaparral and Puerta Mexico Este.

How will this affect U.S. citizens who cross the border frequently or just want to visit family and what about tourism?

“People that enter Mexico for a period under seven days do not have to pay anything,” said Figueroa. “Only those who enter for a longer period of time and those who are going to be involved in paid work.”



BAJA CALIFORNIA - Following a backlash from residents, visitors and protests from business leaders in Baja California, the pilot program to charge foreigners to enter Mexico has been suspended.

The pilot program, announced on Nov. 13 by the National Institute of Immigration, also known as INAMI, would have required foreigners who enter Mexican territory for more than seven days to pay 306 pesos, or about $28. Initially, the program was only going to charge foreigners who entered Mexico through the pedestrian port of entry at Otay.

On Nov.18, Baja California Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid announced the decision to suspend the program to charge for the “Non Resident Right” at the pedestrian border crossing from the United States into Mexico.

Dlr Pyro
11-21-2014, 04:42 PM
most times I have driven into mexico on surfing trips, I have been pulled over by the tijuana cops and cited with some sort of "infraction" and given the option of taking care of the fine at the police station or merely pay the cop the fine and be on my way. Seems the surfboards on the tops of cars are a neon sign to the corrupt tijuana police that the occupants of the car are ripe for picking and the cops know that we are aware that our boards will be stolen while handling the "problem" at the police station. Now we supposed to pay for the privilege to enter the shithole that is mexico so that we can be shaken down by the local cops?

Just another reason I will never set foot in mexico again regardless of how good the surfing is.