View Full Version : Dinger has fight with her husband, calls on internet strangers to back her up. WOW

10-18-2008, 01:13 AM
Only my second post here at CU. Check this craziness out.


After "Dinger" and her husband go a couple of rounds she asks the residents of the DU to tell her why she is in the right. She can't come up with any proof that liberalism is THE answer but she knows it is. So instead of having facts at her fingertips, or worse yet, finding them herself, she asks the fine, compassionate folks at DU to do the work for her.

I love how in the end he is just a jerk who resents her college education. And more importantly he is going to be short $100 in his wallet in the morning when she implys she is taking it! Nice, he disagrees with what she thinks and so he is now a jealous "fu&king ass" who is going to have his cash taken away, now that is just bizarre. Long live free speech in the Dinger household!

Read the nice things she calls her husband. Suppose those words were running through her mind when they exchanged vows? I doubt it. I might add that I am in my 13th year of marriage and I have never referred to my wife as:

my "fu**ing wife" (well in her post it was her husband but I think the idea crosses over)
an "a$$hole"
or a "fu&$ing ass"

Nice marriage you have there. And I love how you blab about it on a public forum to people you don't even know. Good grief! Is this a rare glimpse into the wonderful life of a liberal? Gee, that is how I wanna live my life!

My favorite response to her foot stamping, vitriol filled post is this one:


It is written by "sweetladybug" and it really embodies everything that the Dems think makes a great place to live. You know, the place where the government worries about EVERYTHING for you. Read that post, it should scare the crap out of you. It says everything, it tells the story of how "Joe" is just a blundering dolt, and THANK GOD for the liberals who are there to watch out for him at every step. Without the liberals most of us dumb hicks would probably strangle ourselves while trying to tie our shoes in the morning. This type of pandering makes me want to puke.

Let me make one thing clear here in my very early days at CU, I DON'T WAN'T GOVERNMENT IN EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE. Yet when I read that post by sweetladybug that is precisely what comes across. American citizens are just too dumb to take care of themselves. So we need liberals to put lots and lots of safety nets in place for us. No thanks. I have made it this far without your help, I think I can get just a bit further on my own. The day I need your help to get by is the day that pigs take flight.

My apologies if this is not in the right format as far as citing DU posts. I am a new guy and still learning. I hope my point gets across.

10-18-2008, 01:26 AM
Good old dinger. She is a school teacher up north. She has posted a ton of information about herself and is always trying to get her co-workers (who aren't brilliant liberals like she is) in trouble. I am not surprised that she is having husband troubles. She is a terrible know- it-all.

10-18-2008, 01:59 AM
You know, it is possible for a Liberal and Conservative to live well together. My father in law is the President of the local chapter of the NAACP so of course, my wife is a member. She is also an officer in the Le Coterie Society, a local ladys social club who's membership is African-American and she is also a member of another African-American women's club called The Cosmopolitan. I support her in what she does, attend all of the functions held by those organizations. We do not discuss politics very much. She did surprise a couple of weeks ago during the Vice Presidential Debate when she stated that she would choose Sarah Palin over Barack Obama if she was at the top of the ticket.

Politics is not the center of my life nor hers. And she knows that I will always respect her opinion, no matter if she agrees with me, or if she is wrong.

sofa king
10-18-2008, 02:02 AM
i know, i read that one too with some interest.

what fascinates me about the dummies is their total focus on all things political. their only validation in life comes from their political decisions (and subsequent harrumphs from other dummies.)

their choice of candidate, their stands on issues, their disgust over media perceptions of these things... online polls... that is their life.

what amazes me is there is no life in their lives. nothing you and i could recognize.

no sense of accomplishment (unless it is a verbal smack down of a republican at a gas station or at work), no fun, no joy, no excitement (again, unless it has something to do with a reproach against a republican)...

they don't fit into the workplace. always fired or laid off. not their fault, just something to sue the employer about. the man keeping them down and all.

lawn signs, bumper stickers, fights with family and coworkers and people on the street. the greatest badge of honor for a dummy seems to be a physiological condition that requires medication. or a poverty level income that requires government assistance. and if you toss in an arrest for some meaningless protest against something as simple as showing an id when you attempt to vote... well then... you are labeled a "hero" and a "patriot".

they really believe that.

so that's why every time a dummy takes a completely "there is nothing else to life" political stand in any situation that a normal thinking human being would go "pfffttt... screw it. it's not worth it." they need to hold their ground and run to du to get validation.

like little dinger here. and all of the "key his car" and "steal his money" posts are just the du anarchist piling on.

heh. whatever. i guess i just don't care. good luck, little dinger...