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01-12-2015, 03:12 AM
When I say, 'Je suis Charlie,' it's not kitsch
by Robert Oscar Lopez
http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/01/when_i_say_je_suis_charlie_its_not_kitsch.html#ixz z3OaZ3iZty

...Memes are annoying. I get it. Perhaps I bristled at these paragraphs because I had just taped five “JE SUIS CHARLIE” signs on my office door as a sign of solidarity with free speech...

I don’t know about other readers of American Thinker, but when I go to work, I am in physical danger. For having stood up against same-sex parenting, I have been targeted by international gay rights organizations and listed as an anti-American criminal in a “notice” that was sent to millions of people by activists close to the president of the United States. I have been threatened at work – physically. People have dragged a knife across my office door, students have accosted me, and my American flag has been ripped and stolen several times...

...There’s no point in lecturing any of us about crossing lines at this point. The lines have been crossed – not by those of us who are told to tone down our rhetoric, but by the senseless attackers who have presumed a right to threaten and punish whatever they don’t want to hear. Many commentators are asking that we take a closer look at Islam itself, which is appropriate, given all that is happening. But it’s much bigger than that. Islamist extremism is one of a number of ideological movements, anchored on the left of the political spectrum, which adhere to an incoherent ideology. This only crystallizes as an ideological system or finds cogency in violent imposition of language standards on others. Islamist radicals hate gays, gay radicals seem constantly determined to get black Christians fired, black radicals lament the targeting of black men in particular (something that would lead an objective person to interrogate feminism), while feminists cite statistics from Muslim countries to demonstrate the worldwide war on women. If any of these lefty groups has real grievances, their grievances are with each other.

But their ideology is consistent, believe it or not. The cosmetic details of which identity class is entitled to which emotional reaction against which provocation are not what matters. They share the same central belief: intimidation, including violence, is warranted when people say things they do not like. As long as they preserve their emotional veto and get to enforce it with catastrophic reprisal, their mission is accomplished. The specifics of what they want can be endlessly deferred.

It is the left that thinks this way, not we. So we have to mount a movement against the left, not figure out ways to placate them. Placate them, and you invite the gunmen...

(Much more at the link. Worth the whole read.)