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01-18-2015, 11:16 AM
Agriculture Commissioner Grants Amnesty to Cupcakes

Newly elected Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is going for the gut. In his first official act as commissioner, Miller granted full amnesty to cupcakes. Cakes, pies, and brownies made the list, too.

Miller was seeking to reassure Texas parents that it's legal to bring cupcakes and other treats to school — and that he'll protect that right.

“This is not about force-feeding cupcakes to our children,” the commissioner said, standing next to a table of cupcakes. “It is about local control.”

At a press conference Monday at the Texas Department of Agriculture, with a Hey Cupcake! food truck parked behind him, Miller reminded Texans that the statewide rules that once banned cupcakes and other junk food from classrooms were repealed last July. And the Miller administration, he said, will "do less when it comes to mandates for our local schools.”

The policy, which was more restrictive than federal guidelines, banned foods with high levels of sugar and fats from public schools and prohibited parents from handing out such foods to children other than their own. It was put in place in 2004 by then-Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs, and the agency repealed the policy last year, when Todd Staples was commissioner. Miller said he was concerned many Texans may not know the policy was withdrawn.


According to Miller, a million Texas children dropped out of the Federal lunch program last year and over a billion dollars in food were wasted by kids throwing their lunches into the garbage.

Dlr Pyro
01-18-2015, 01:57 PM
No cupcakes, No Peace!

01-18-2015, 05:44 PM
He's catching hell from the lefties saying he didn't change the rules, they were already there. But, at least, in the story in the OP that much is recognized.