View Full Version : Why is America turning it's back on the military?

10-20-2008, 11:59 AM
With the possible election of Barak Obama as President, and Democratic gains in the house and the Senate, one has to ask, "Why is America turning it's back on the military?" It's no secret that as soon as it became political expedient the Democrats turned on the military with a fury not seen since the Vietnam war, and attacked our heroes just to score political points. Are Americans so concerned about their 401(k) that the lives and well being of our troops are worthless?

We've seen Democrat John Murtha call our Marines murderers, Barak Obama said "we’ve got to get the job done there, and that requires us to have enough troops that we are not just air raiding villages and killing civilians," and Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi declaring the war in Iraq lost. When Barak Obama finally made a trip to Iraq, there are reports that he blew off troops there to meet him if there were no camera around, and lets not forget his shafting of wounded troops in Germany. This is the next Commander in Chief? I fear our troops are going to be in for a rough 4 years under an Obama administration. Why all the troop hate from the Democrats? It seems the Democrats choose to inspire the terrorists to kill our troops instead of inspiring our troops to victory.

What does this mean if Barak Obama is elected President? First, the troops will have little confidence in Obama or the democratic party. A little known fact that the media tends to ignore is, troops are reenlisting at record rates, even those units that are deployed in Iraq have higher than average reenlistment rates. I predict, no I know, that under an Obama administration that will come to an end. What will the military do? Will the young Obama voters run to the recruiters and sign up? Even if they could find a recruiter, as many Democratic supporters are moving to get them thrown off campus or out of their towns, it's highly doubtful that the Obama voter will even consider joining the Military, after all these are the people shouting down recruiters on collage campuses. That will leave the military critically understaffed, and I doubt the Democrats will resort to the draft when they control the government.

I know many people are going to get angry at the troops for not reenlisting, after all they choose to serve the country, why leave the military because of a change in President. It's not just a change of President, it's the election of a President who has a high disdain for the military. Many people forget that when a person chooses to serve the country, an assumption is made that the country will serve the troops, it's a two way street. Someone leaving the military if Barak Obama is President isn't turning their back on the country, the country would have turned it's back on them.


10-20-2008, 02:01 PM
I don't think it is some much America turning its back on the military as it is America not wanting to see the big picture.