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10-21-2008, 12:58 AM
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RamboLiberal (1000+ posts) Mon Oct-20-08 10:38 PM
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Murtha Calls Western Pa. 'Redneck' - Murtha STFU!
Advertisements [?]CHARLEROI, Pa. -- U.S. Rep. John Murtha is calling many of the people who put him in office "rednecks."

The news comes one week after Murtha claimed the area is racist, then apologized for that comment.

In explaining his comments about racism, Murtha told WTAE it's difficult for many in the area to change. Murtha said that just five to 10 years ago the entire area was "redneck."

Now Murtha said only certain segments of the population are holding on to those racist feelings.


And there's video.

What he says is very true - but at this time this is not helpful!

mtnsnake (1000+ posts) Mon Oct-20-08 10:41 PM
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1. WTF is going on with these terribly timed comments from our own people lately?
There is just no need for this shit at such a crucial juncture of this campaign. Don't they ever think ahead as to what the ramifications of their remarks might be? This is not the time to alienate ANYONE. Jayeeesus!

bluestateguy (1000+ posts) Mon Oct-20-08 10:44 PM
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2. Plenty of people embrace the redneck label
rather than run from it. Not though when it is said in a condescending manner.

alcibiades_mystery (1000+ posts) Mon Oct-20-08 10:52 PM
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7. Murtha's an old character...nobody listens to his silly gaffes
You guys need to take a fucking sedative or something. Some folks here are wound a little too tight.

RamboLiberal (1000+ posts) Mon Oct-20-08 10:56 PM
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9. Oh yeah - hot talk around my area of Pittsburgh
Not that most of the people talking about it will vote for Obama anyway. But still, it doesn't help!

genna (885 posts) Mon Oct-20-08 11:09 PM
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11. While I am sure Murtha's comments are insulting, they also ring true.
I read a thread about West Virginia tonight where Union leaders told their populous how they were perceived and what this vote really means.

I think being truthful to ourselves and each other is part of what holds democracy together. These sweet lies the Republicans have been dividing us up with are killing us.
Riiiiiggggghhhhttt. Those "rednecks" are going to be so happy that he told them the truth. They are just rednecks and inferior to the Washington and far left crowd.

No, that's not going to divide us up at all is it? :rolleyes:

10-21-2008, 01:14 AM
Keep stuffing that shoe down your throat further lard ass, it's gonna be even sweeter when Bill Russell wins your Congressional seat this year.:D

F John Murtha right in his ear. Call my Marine brothers a bunch of murderers, now he's calling people in my home state Rednecks?