View Full Version : Unexpectedly: Crime Rates Begin to Rise in Los Angeles

04-04-2015, 10:18 AM
Unexpectedly: Crime Rates Begin to Rise in Los Angeles (http://pjmedia.com/blog/crime-rates-rise-in-la/?singlepage=true)

I bring you shocking news, gentle readers. If you take thousands of incarcerated felons and turn them loose on society, and you then allow the federal government and cultural elites to demoralize the police officers charged with keeping these liberated hoodlums in line, you end up with higher crime. Who would have dared imagine it?

This is the state of affairs in California, where a succession of imprudent decisions by judges, lawmakers, and the electorate have combined to throw open the prison gates to swarms of men who in a sane world would have remained locked away at a safe remove from the law-abiding public. The most recent of these affronts to good order was the passage of Proposition 47, which was approved by a wide margin in last November’s election. The law, known to its advocates by the Orwellian title “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act,” reclassified certain felony crimes as misdemeanors. Previously, offenses such as drug possession, writing bad checks, and theft of property worth less than $950 could, under certain circumstances, be prosecuted as felonies, a tactic most often employed with repeat offenders.
It's hard to improve on "Jack Dunphy's" (a pseudonym) first sentence. It should be noted that he is a LEO living what he writes about in this article. Who thought releasing 10s of thousands of criminals onto CA streets would result in anything less than a large in crease in crime, I cannot fathom. And I did vote against Proposition 47, knowing the outcome would be what it is; not that I'm claiming any more insight than a grasp on the grossly obvious.