View Full Version : Americans stuck in Yemen file suit demanding State Department, military rescue them

04-09-2015, 10:12 PM
WASHINGTON – Claiming the Obama administration turned its back on them, 41 Americans stranded in war-torn Yemen filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against the State Department and Defense Department for not evacuating them -- as fighting intensifies and U.S. allies launch airstrikes.
The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., seeks to compel the government to use “all resources” possible to rescue the stranded Americans. The plaintiffs range in age from just a few weeks old to senior citizens.

“Despite the clear danger to Americans in Yemen – and the death of at least one American – the Obama administration has not yet taken any substantive steps to help citizens or permanent residents reach safety,” the lawsuit claims.
Is there no end to the irresponsibility of our fucking government? Where the hell is the outrage, barely a peep!

04-09-2015, 10:14 PM
I have zero respect for this president, none. I'm losing respect for the office, it is a total fucking joke and no one seems to care, everyone hides and whimpers, don't want to get called a racist, fuck him!

04-09-2015, 10:32 PM
As much as I think this administration is inept at best, Americans were warned as far back as 2013 to leave Yemen. I'm not sure I have any sympathy if they chose to stay there or traveled there in spite of travel warnings.