View Full Version : Palin in Springfield, Mo--a good sign

10-23-2008, 11:06 AM
Received this in my email. Sarah apparently is very popular in southwest Missouri, a Republican stronghold. I'm hoping the folks down there turn out in droves to offset the Acorn type voters in the StLouis and KC areas.

While we are extremely honored and appreciative of Missouri State University being willing to host Governor Palin's Road to Victory Rally on Friday in the McDonald Arena,
due to the overwhelming demand of the people in Springfield and the surrounding area,
we have needed to move the Road to Victory Rally to a larger venue.

The Road to Victory Rally with Governor Palin will now be held
in the parking lot of the Bass Pro Shops.
This is located at 1935 S Campbell Ave in Springfield, MO.
Doors will open at 9AM on Friday October 24th
All tickets for the Missouri State University event will be honored at the new location.
There will be a reserved section for all current ticket holders.
If you currently do not have a ticket, you will be welcome
to enter through the general admission area.
To answer a few frequently asked questions:
Be sure to leave any signs at home even your McCain-Palin signs.
No outside food or beverages.
No umbrellas, bags, backpacks or weapons of any type.
Cameras are allowed
Please remember this is an outdoor event and please dress appropriately.
Thank you for your support! See you at the Rally!

ralph wiggum
10-23-2008, 11:11 AM
Both McCain & Palin are visiting Iowa several times in the next two weeks. I think their internal polling must be looking much better than what's being reported.