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07-05-2015, 06:01 AM
Really important for understanding why so many people end up supporting a cause whose real ramifications they don't understand.

Bigots and haters? Using conformity to normalize same-sex ‘marriage’

...The movement for the normalization of same-sex marriage owes a good portion of its success to an intentional exploitation of human psychology. As a recent article on LifeSiteNews describes, for several years the gay rights movement was getting nowhere fast. But things changed six years ago:

...[A]fter their 2009 “gay marriage” referendum defeat in Maine, the homosexual movement decided to craft an entirely new approach toward elections.

They brought together groups of political strategists, psychologists, pollsters, organizing experts, and various “think tank” types. They meticulously studied the data and their election experiences and designed a new set of strategies and tactics to win against their “right wing” adversaries...They created a sophisticated propaganda campaign.

Expertise in human psychology - effectively "mind manipulation" through advertising, marketing, and other psychologically-based strategies - has made a crucial difference to the same-sex marriage campaign. Since that shift in strategy, there has been a rapid advance in the same-sex marriage cause, both in Ireland (where same-sex marriage has been legalized by popular referendum) and in the United States...

...Same-sex marriage propaganda calls on people to join the "right side of history." Of course, not a single person in this movement can be sure that their side will really be vindicated in history books. But the truth is far less important than the impression.

The aim of this slogan is to create the illusion of a historic movement, akin to the civil rights movement. The message is: the crowd is turning and running in this direction.

If those who hear this message begin to believe that it is true, then they will experience unconscious psychological pressure to join in as well. And so, the message can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So how did the same-sex marriage movement even begin the process of shifting opinions? Getting the ball rolling would seem to be hardest at the start, when there is no momentum to sustain the tidal wave.

But as it turns out, it is not nearly as hard as we would think. In 2008, psychologists at the University of Leeds reported that "it takes a minority of just five per cent to influence a crowd's direction - and that the other 95 per cent follow without realising it."

If a small "seed group" is successful at convincing some people to join the cause, then a momentum will begin to build. The herd mentality will take over and continue the wave towards complete victory.

It's not even necessary to make an airtight case for same-sex marriage. In fact, as they jump on the bandwagon, people will end up convincing themselves. A 2014 study showed that people will copy others to the extent of "evaluating personal beliefs when they contradict what others are doing".

What's more, the study showed that "individuals have evolved to be overly influenced by their neighbours, rather than rely on their own instinct". We are not just influenced, but too influenced by our group, to our own detriment: "individuals will overuse 'social information' and copy others more than they should, to the extent of damaging their ability to make the right decisions."

So at least unconsciously, we are more concerned with making the 'popular' rather than the 'right' decision....

...Aside from herding us towards the "right side of history" (the carrot), the same-sex marriage movement is also effectively employing shame (the stick). It is now commonplace to refer to supporters of traditional marriage as "bigots" and "haters", akin to the racists of the Ku Klux Klan.

As explained by Joseph Burgo, Clinical Psychologist, who is a proponent of same-sex marriage, this is intentionally done: "a great many of us have come to view legislators who enact laws that authorize discrimination as bigots and homophobes. We go to our Facebook pages and Twitter feeds to publically denounce them; we intend to expose and shame them for their acts of intolerance."

Note the obvious irony: the gender ideology movement at first rejected shame as an unjust oppressive tactic by the heterosexual majority. This irony is not lost on Dr. Burgo, but he is unphased. On the contrary, he is happy to re-appropriate shame now that it serves his purposes: "Over the last hundred years, shame has gotten an increasingly bad name, but as it turns out, shame sometimes has its beneficial uses."
One thing is certain: shaming is proving wildly successful. Shame further exacerbates the emotional distress which, as we saw in the Burns study, people feel when they believe they are going against their group. The prospect of being isolated, rejected and mocked by their social group can prove unbearable for many people, unconsciously but also consciously.

Shaming instills fear, and this fear is legitimate and well founded. The consequences of going against the group are often very real. For instance, one study showed that a person who was perceived as opposing the group and rejecting all arguments to change his opinion became the least desirable person in the group and was given the least important tasks. Today, many people have begun to feel afraid of being financially and professionally ruined if they do not support the gender ideology agenda.

The incredible advantage of shame as a weapon is that it often influences people on the level of instincts, not in the conscious mind. In effect, shaming is the modern "Trojan Horse". It gets through the mental walls of our rational and conscious mind, and can wreak havoc not just with our loyalties but even with our actual perceptions of reality....

07-05-2015, 01:40 PM
And people obviously fall for this bullshit in droves. :rolleyes:

07-05-2015, 03:37 PM
And people obviously fall for this bullshit in droves. :rolleyes:

The left has been at it for years. They are doing "mind control" in our schools. Lockstep zombies that all think alike.

07-05-2015, 09:04 PM
I don't think quite as many have fallen for it as the media would have you believe.

07-05-2015, 11:11 PM
I don't think quite as many have fallen for it as the media would have you believe.
Welcome random alphanumeric characters.:smile-new:

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Much obliged!

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There is a lot of truth about psychology in that article, especially group psychology. It only takes a few people to sway a crowd, for better behavior or worse behavior. We all know it's true, because we've witnessed it.

07-07-2015, 10:52 AM
It's like the old adage about boiling a frog - you can start with him in a pot of cold water, then increase the temperature a degree at a time. Eventually he's boiled to death without once trying to hop out of the pot.

This same-sex marriage fiasco is a product of decades of redefining and degrading the institution of marriage, and the straight community was behind a lot of it. The feminist movement, the 'free love' generation, increasing divorce rates, the growth of single motherhood and the redefinition of marriage from "a union at the core of the family" to "two individuals who are in it for themselves" - all contributed to this idea that marriage is a convenience for two people instead of a basis for the nuclear family.

For centuries societies knew that a culture based on monogamous, heterosexual marriage with a goal of having and raising children was essential to the development and growth of that society. But for the last fifty years we've redefined marriage to the point where OF COURSE gay marriage seems acceptable to a majority of society.