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07-15-2015, 03:40 AM
Bobby Jindal announces investigation into Planned Parenthood

Gov. Bobby Jindal on Tuesday announced he's directed the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals to investigate Planned Parenthood activities in the state after a video surfaced that claims the organization is selling fetal body parts.

The video, which was posted to YouTube by the Center for Medical Progress, shows a woman discussing the harvest of fetal organs and body parts from partial-birth abortions. The Center for Medical Progress identifies the woman as Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who is Planned Parenthood Federation of America's national medical director.

The Washington Post described the Center for Medical Progress as an anti-abortion group.

There was no indication that the video or the activities described in it had ties to Louisiana, and Planned Parenthood does not operate abortion clinics in Louisiana. But Jindal said he was ordering an investigation in part because Planned Parenthood is planning to open a clinic in New Orleans.

The investigation means the $4 million clinic planned for New Orleans will not be able to open because Jindal's order includes suspending the issuance of new licenses by DHH.

Here's Jindal's complete statement on the investigation:

"Today's video of a Planned Parenthood official discussing the systematic harvesting and trafficking of human body parts is shocking and gruesome. This same organization is seeking to open an abortion clinic in New Orleans. I have instructed Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals to conduct an immediate investigation into this alleged evil and illegal activity and to not issue any licenses until this investigation is complete. I am also asking the FBI to assist DHH in investigating this alleged criminal activity by this organization."

The Washington Post has more on the video here. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, which runs clinics in Louisiana, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

07-15-2015, 10:05 PM
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