View Full Version : (Must See Video; Biden Shocked, Asked if Obama Plan is Marxist)

10-25-2008, 12:48 AM
Barbara West Interviews Joe Biden (Must See Video; Biden Shocked, she Asked if Obama Plan is Marxist)

Florida TV reporter Barbara West asked hard hitting questions of Joe Biden in an interview broadcast yesterday.

Biden was shocked when asked if Obama's spread the wealth plan was Marxist.The four minute interview was not the typical softball CNN-MSNBC-ABC-CBS-NYT-LAT-WAPO-AP questions.

The Orlando Sentinel reports the Obama campaign was furious at West and called her "unprofessional" and "combative".Biden also specifically denied Obama's plan was to "spread the wealth," a direct contradiction of what Obama famously told Joe the Plumber.Click the source link to view the video.

Popcorn and your favorite beverage highly recommended to enhance your viewing pleasure.