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09-14-2015, 12:48 AM
Read the whole article at the link. Great analysis. Sundance has been spot on so far.

The GOPe Roadmap, Status Update and The Event Horizon

A general conversation, and series of questions, has begun amid readers who understand the RNC/GOPe road map and subsequent scheme. Essentially the question is becoming:

“what will the GOPe do regarding their ongoing onslaught to eliminate Donald Trump, if Trump becomes inevitable”?

The answer to that question is fraught with possibilities. However, as a general rule, crossing the Rubicon of inevitability will not change the present course. Here’s why...

...The Tripwire we identified back in July remains today. If Wall Street (writ large) views Donald Trump as inevitable, they will re-evaluate –QUICKLY– the opposite side of their controllable coin. Meaning they will evaluate Hillary Clinton.

Wall Street (The U.S. CoC, Tom Donohue, and all varied interests, DNC/RNC et al) set this up as a win/win. A Clinton/Bush strategy. If Trump is believed to be inevitable in victory over Bush, they need to re-evaluate the Clinton side STAT.

They’ll have two choices: #1) Stick with Hillary, or #2) add Joe Biden (and later Elizabeth Warren as VP).

Personally, I believe they will bring in Biden. My belief is based on increasingly obvious polling which shows Trump beating Hillary in head-to-head match-ups, AND based on the continuing growth of Trump’s coalition of enthusiastic supporters.

The very real groundswell behind Trump is why we stated Biden would enter, even before head-to-head polling was visible to support it. The polling only further supports the initial prediction.

We will not necessarily see this upcoming Democrat battle royale taking place. However, you can be damned sure Bill and Hillary will be calling in all their markers in an effort to sway Wall Street to stick with them. It’s going to be beyond ugly.

However, I doubt the Clinton’s will succeed this time. There’s just too much at stake, too much risk, and Hillary has many legal issues the power-brokers can use to leverage her out.

REGARDLESS of the Biden/Clinton battle – the GOPe onslaught against Trump will continue, unrelenting, all the way through the primary.

Why? Simple answer – go back to the decision-makers; regardless of Biden or Clinton, Trump’s removal is vital. They will plan for the primary race attacks on Trump to soften him up for destruction in the general election race against Biden or Hillary.

Remember, Wall Street’s goal is Jeb. Remove Jeb and their goal is to destroy the replacement and get the other side of the coin (Biden/Clinton) into the White House.

These power interests must retain control at all costs. This fundamental aspect is why the attacks, from both sides, on Donald Trump will continue from now until the general election in November of 2016.

The RNC/GOPe can openly attack Trump until he gets the nomination. After that they must change to subversive attacks – that’s the only difference....

09-14-2015, 11:15 AM
Today's voters want the reality show "American Idol" candidate.

Obama was turned into a rock star, and that's sort of happening with Trump.