View Full Version : Michigan Cops Say Michelle Obama "Won't Be Seen With Us, Allow Us in Her Presence"

10-27-2008, 04:29 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Michigan Cops Say Diva Michelle Obama "Won't Be Seen With Us, Allow Us in Her Presence"

Michelle Hussein Obama Doesn't Like Cops, Treats 'Em Like the Plague

I thought that we were about to elect a President, not a queen..........But Michelle Hussein Obama has other ideas.

Some Michigan cop friends of mine sent me this, about how Michelle Obama has treated them throughout Michigan, ie., like the plague. She can't be seen by the "little people" who protect us and keep us safe everyday, risking their lives to do it.

I've left out the name of the police officer to protect the officer's identity and, frankly, job. You know how the Obama mob gets.

More evidence that if you liked First Lady Hillary Clinton, you'll loooove First lady Michelle Hussein Obama, who makes Hillary's (and Bill's) treatment of the Arkansas State Troopers sound like a day at the beach:

First Hand from a Clinton Township Police Lieutenant
[DS: Clinton Township is a Detroit suburb.]

For those of you who know me, I rarely talk politics.

Michelle Hussein Obama Doesn't Like Cops, Treats 'Em Like the Plague
Those are private matters for the most part, but I just have to vent a little.
I would call myself a conservative as 99% of Policeman are, and almost always vote Republican, but I also know that they are all Politicians.

We are stuck in a quagmire of a two party system, and the non-politician independent has no chance to change this country or run this country.

I am not trying at all to dissuade your vote, but Obama has really
cheesed me off. . . . I have heard these stories of Obama making the Police and Secret Service (who protect his dumb butt) stay out of his eyesight.

Well, I learned it well Thursday, October 9th. Michelle Obama was in Clinton Twp., Michigan Thursday for a rally at our biggest High School. My department had a small role in protecting her. About 8 Officers were detailed to the School for HER security. I was offered the overtime but turned it down.

One of my Sergeants, and best buddies was assigned there. He came back infuriated. The rumors are true!!!

My Sergeant was providing security in a hallway as Mrs. Obama was moving from room to room for different reasons. He was told by the SS [DS: Secret Service] that when she came down his hall, he had to duck behind the corner and not allow her to see him. He questioned this several times to be sure he heard it right, and the SS agent (embarrassed of course) had to hide from her view, too.

It is outrageous that the persons running for the President of our
country on the Democratic side, has so much disdain for men and woman in uniform, they demand that they are kept from their view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets be clear. This was not in the public. This was not an Honor Guard detail standing behind her on stage in front of thousands. This was in a hallway, out of the public eye, and the Obamas refuse to even see an Officer or Soldier in their view. The Police have to hide!!!!!!!

WHY???????????? That's the scary question! What else is going on here?

No wonder he refuses to wear the flag on his suit or salute the flag.
It will be a terrible day if Obama is elected to run our country I love so much.

It is so sad that these people are the few who we have to choose from
for the most powerful position in the world!!!!!!!!!

It's almost unbelievable!! Thanks for letting me vent!!!!!!!!

I already heard about this straight from the mouths of the Michigan State Police that are on their Motor Unit. They were told to "hide" behind the bus when Obama exited it so that he couldn't see them. Our (the Macomb County Sheriff's Office) Motor Unit, along with the State Police, escorted McCain when he was in town, and we were right out front, where we could proudly be seen. I don't know how you think, but the only people I have known in my career that don't want to be seen near cops are criminals....thats scary!
Yes, it is.