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10-27-2008, 10:19 PM
Redistribution of Wealth … Social Equalization or Theft?

The following is a true story about an event that actually occurred in Tampa, Florida just yesterday. It was written in email form to a friend of his who also happens to be a close friend of mine over the past 20 years. My friend forwarded it to me just for my perusal. The man sharing his experience in the original email is a man by the name of Joe … no, not Joe the plumber! I don’t feel comfortable about mentioning his last name as there are so many ‘kooks’ out there who would try to hunt him down and take away his right to privacy.

His real-life experience, in his own words, is as follows …

“Today, on my way to lunch, I passed a homeless guy on the street with a sign that read “Redistribute the Wealth; Vote for Obama, I need the money”.

Somewhat sadly and shamefully, I found myself laughing out loud. I felt no need to donate money that could actually be used by the Obama campaign.

Once inside the restaurant, I was ushered to a table by a rather ambitious, enthusiastic young waiter. I sat down and immediately noticed he was wearing a necktie reading “Obama ‘o8” … just imagine the coincidence! I again began finding myself smiling rather noticeably. I ordered my meal immediately. During my lunch, the young man returned to my table several times to ask if everything was OK and refilled my iced tea glass. He was definitely earning his tip.

When he brought my check, I paid him with a $20.00 bill. While he was gone to the cashier, I noticed that he was waiting on about 10 of the 30 tables available and with the same obvious zeal he showed me. He would probably earn a couple of hundred dollars today. He then returned the tray of change. I picked up everything except a $5.00 bill. For whatever reason, I had to ask him a question. I asked about his tie and if he thought Mr. Obama’s idea of redistribution of income was a good idea. In other words, take away the hard earned money from people who try and give it to some folks who show real no evidence that they will ever try to improve themselves. He said he certainly did. We must give them a chance.

I quickly reached over and picked his $5.00 tip and put it in my shirt pocket. I told him that I also agreed, and that I will give the $5.00 to someone I thought needed it more than him. He became furious and stalked off. I had become his ‘government’ of no recourse. There was not a thing he could do to make me give back what he had rightfully earned!

I walked outside the restaurant and gave the $5.00 bill to the homeless guy on the street, in full view of my furious waiter friend.

At the end of my rather unscientific experiment I realized the homeless guy was grateful for the money he did not earn. I also sadly had to admit that the $5.00 would not be used by the homeless guy to better his circumstances and get him off the street. He would most likely just devise another panhandling scheme after the election ended.

The most poignant deduction from the experiment was that those who wish for a redistribution of wealth program become the most angry when it’s their hard earned money. They appear to be 100% behind the program as long as the government is distributing someone else’s earned income.”

Many of you, including the waiter in the true story, actually believe you will receive a tax cut and/or receive income of some type from those making over an arbitrary $250,000 ‘wealth’ line, are drastically mislead. There is no way the government can pay your child care, health care, and any of the multitude of other programs presented by your candidate.snip