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10-28-2008, 05:44 PM
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News anchor on Biden interview: 'I'm a journalist' (http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/10/28/west.biden.king.qanda/index.html)

(CNN) -- A Florida TV anchor became an Internet sensation this week when she pressed Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden about whether Sen. Barack Obama's policies were Marxist. Critics said WFTV-TV anchor Barbara West of Orlando had an agenda and was asking biased questions. Biden responded, "Is this a joke?" CNN's Larry King on Monday talked with West about the interview on "Larry King Live."

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King: All right, Barbara, what were you getting to, since generally the redistribution of the wealth is a graduated income tax?

West: Well, Larry, no, I don't believe that it is just a graduated income tax. I think a lot of people who are talking to me out on the street are saying they are very, very concerned that this idea of redistributing the wealth means taking it out of somebody's pocket who is a wage earner and putting it in somebody's pocket who refuses to work. And they're asking about. That's what they don't want. That is what they want to know, what does this really mean? My job as a journalist is to ask those questions and get those answers, and I don't believe I got answers at all.

King: Was the implication in the question that Barack Obama is a Marxist?

West: I was asking him to tell us about how Barack Obama's redistribution of wealth was different from that quote by Karl Marx, that's all I wanted to know.... I'm not here to debate the issues. I am not a political pundit. ... I'm a journalist. And I -- my job is to ask tough, probing questions of the candidates. I had a very short time to be able to do that, only about four minutes. There were issues that I wanted to cover, including the issues about ACORN and the abuses that they've done with voter registration, particularly here in Florida, and Florida is such a key state. And also this issue of the redistribution of wealth, as well as Sen. Biden's comments about "You mark my words, in six months, Barack Obama will be tested."

The more I here from Mrs. West the more I like her.