View Full Version : McCain Needs To Bring Out Daddy Yankee NOW!

10-29-2008, 12:45 AM
The only thing 'hip' that John McCain has ever done during this campaign was win the endorsement of Daddy Yankee, a Hispanic rapper that, for whatever reason, young voters like.

I can't figure it out, but somehow, young voters seem to vote overwhelmingly based on what's 'hip' and 'cool', rather than on what's right.

The reason I am creating this thread, is because I just saw a clip of an Obama 'get out the vote' ad, which contained an image of a Nintendo Wii controller. This image connects with a lot of people, especially young voters, and it finally made me realize that the McCain campaign has, so far, failed to connect with young voters. McCain's response to this ad was poor, I'm sorry to say, because it did nothing to encourage his own supporters to fight to get out the conservative vote, and the youth vote, on Election Day.

Therefore, I would put Daddy Yankee in an ad geared to networks like MTV, MuchMusic, VH1, Comedy Central, and the 'big three' during young adult oriented shows, touting why John McCain would be 'cooler' and 'hipper' for younger voters than the 'messiah'. Maybe they could also do another 'get out the vote' ad featuring a PS3 controller.

The bottom line, is that the McCain campaign needs to get these ads out NOW, before it's TOO LATE!