View Full Version : federal debt

12-17-2015, 12:01 AM
We held our noses and cast our vote
We ate their blather like billygoats
And now it's time to be assigned
A brand new batch of horse behinds
And boy I bet we won't regret
That we told them to fix the debt
For years on end we suckered in
We took much more than we put in
And now they say the bill has come due
They say "Don't sweat, it won't be you!"
"We'll go to pump some other chump!
Not the little guys, just Donald Trump!"
I trust them full!
They'll never quibble!
They served free lunch,
And I sure nibbled.
But they'll get paid and I'm relieved!
They sure won't be a-squezzin' me!

-----Berkeley Breathed