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03-01-2016, 09:15 PM
Not the official title of the article from Inside Higher Ed, but it should have been. Apparently this piece of crap "apologized" for trashing blacks. However, the female student, who claims to have been sexually harassed, is looking outside the university for a legal remedy. And you know, if that had been a white administrator, he'd be out on his ear by now....

Missouri State Diversity Official Apologizes

Juan Meraz, assistant vice president for multicultural services at Missouri State University, issued an apology Friday after a press conference at which minority students accused him of discriminatory statements. The News-Leader reported that students at a press conference accused Meraz of intimidating them, of making discriminatory remarks about black people and of sending inappropriate texts.

The university released a statement from Meraz that said in part: “It was never my intent to hurt this student or other students at Missouri State with language that was unprofessional and offensive. As a member of a historically excluded group, I have felt the sting of words and actions many times in my life, which is why I understand that I let the students down with my words. I have been disciplined by [Vice President for Student Affairs Dee] Siscoe and I accept it as an appropriate university response to my actions. This has been a regrettable but powerful learning opportunity for me and I will continue to strive to ensure all students on campus feel welcome and valued in my presence.”

(Now, as Paul Harvey used to say, for the "rest of the story....")

Disciplined by Missouri State University, diversity official Juan Meraz apologizes

...At 4 p.m. Thursday, the student-led Springfield Coalition for Minority Advancement — which has repeatedly called for Meraz to be fired — held a news conference in the Plaster Student Union.

It was a forum for Monica Villa Meza, a junior in sociology, to detail her concerns and express frustration that her December complaint against Meraz appeared to go nowhere. At the time, neither MSU nor Meraz had divulged the disciplinary action...

Soft-spoken and clearly nervous, Villa Meza alleged Meraz — who has served as her instructor, mentor and on-campus work supervisor — engaged in a pattern of harassment and intimidation that made her feel isolated and powerless. She said he played favorites, shunned students who disappointed him and bragged about being untouchable.

"He made sure to let students know he had a 'black list,' told us that we were not allowed to speak to specific students or, in his words, we would be dead to him," Villa Meza said. "...Meraz talked extremely bad about faculty, staff and administration, stating that he had them wrapped around his finger."

Villa Meza alleged that Meraz, a former MSU student and longtime employee, repeatedly made discriminatory and disparaging remarks about other racial groups, especially blacks.

She said he told her to avoid hanging out in the Multicultural Resource Center, which is open to all students but heavily used by black students, lest she become a "negative stereotype."

"He said many times that I would date and end up with a black male and seemed as though he had an issue with interracial dating," she said.

Villa Meza said when Meraz found out her boyfriend was black, he allegedly "threatened that he would tell my parents, because he felt it was disappointing."

She said his alleged interest in her personal life and affectionate text messages made her "question his intentions."

"I started feeling extremely uncomfortable when he texted me every morning with kissy face (emojis) or XOX and he would say 'TQM' which means 'te quiero mucho,' which in English means 'I love you very much,'" she said. "With all this, I had the feeling that Meraz had all this power.

"Meraz made us fear him and, at first, I feared to question him."


Villa Meza said as a final step, before moving forward with a complaint, she met with Meraz for about an hour. She said she recorded the conversation.

In a five-minute excerpt of that meeting, which is all that has been released publicly, Meraz offered his opinion about the racial tension and subsequent protests on the University of Missouri campus.

He states, among other things, that MSU's Multicultural Resource Center is "a hostile area to anyone who is not black" and that black students "look at me like I owe them money and I don't owe them s---."

Also on the recording, Meraz said: "We've got Latinos being lynched more than black people in the South, still to this day. Everybody is 'Oh well, black lives matter' — I understand that. What about everybody else?"

Villa Meza said following that meeting, Meraz "shut her in a room" with his assistant and "angrily" asked if she had disclosed the contents of the "confidential" conversation with another student.

"I was caught off-guard and scared and knew then I had to do something about it," she said....

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03-02-2016, 01:59 AM
It's amazing the shit you can get away with if you are a member of a protected class.