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10-31-2008, 05:12 PM
Posted: Thursday, October 30, 2008 9:18 AM by Carrie Dann

McCain tried to refocus on national security and whether Obama could keep the country safe. "The question is whether this is a man who has what it takes to protect America from Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and the other great threats in the world," McCain said. "He has given no reason to answer in the affirmative." Just asking... but wouldn't any president have the American military, the CIA and an arsenal of nuclear weapons?

The Los Angeles Times covers the McCain camp’s criticism of the paper for not releasing a video of "a 2003 event at which Barack Obama paid tribute to a Palestinian scholar. The Republican presidential and vice presidential nominees accused the newspaper of trying to protect their Democratic rival in the final days before Tuesday's election. Editors at The Times and the reporter who wrote an article in April about Obama's connection to the Palestinian scholar, Rashid Khalidi, said they were ethically bound to abide by a promise to a confidential source not to share the video."

The New York Times adds, "The video shows a gathering in Chicago for Rashid Khalidi, a teacher, writer and Obama friend who is critical of Israel. Mr. Obama spoke at the dinner, where other speakers likened Israel and Israelis to terrorists. The McCain campaign said the tape could show how Mr. Obama reacted to anti-Israel remarks… Some conservatives question the sincerity of Mr. Obama’s stated support for Israel, a crucial issue to many Jewish voters in swing states like Florida. Mr. Obama’s campaign says that his stance on the matter has not changed and that his public and private positions are identical. Mr. Khalidi has said much the same of the candidate’s stance."

"In countering the McCain attacks, the Obama campaign also cited a tangential link between Mr. McCain and Mr. Khalidi. Mr. McCain is chairman of the International Republican Institute, which gave grants in the 1990s to the Center for Palestine Research and Studies, of which Mr. Khalidi was a founder, to conduct surveys of Palestinians. The International Republican Institute’s 1998 tax filing says it gave $448,000 to the Palestine group, money that originated with government grants to the Republican organization."