View Full Version : D.C. Man Kills Woman After Removing Prosthetic Leg with Ankle Monitor

06-25-2016, 02:34 PM
A Washington, D.C., man who was supposed to have been under house arrest awaiting trial on gun charges was able to escape his home undetected when a court technician accidentally put the manís ankle monitor on his fake leg. Police say the mistake allowed the suspect to leave the leg behind in his home as he went out to commit a murder.

According to Fox 59, Quincy Green was arrested in April and given home confinement as his case was scheduled to be heard. To keep him in his home, the court ordered an ankle monitor to be placed on his person. Police discovered, however, that the court technician placed the monitor over Greenís sock instead of directly against his skinĖa violation of procedure.

As it happens, the leg the technician chose was Greenís prosthetic leg. Police say that Green just changed prosthetics, allowing him to leave the home at will while police continued to read his signal as remaining at his home.

The technician probably has a degree in "feminist studies" or some other useful degree !