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11-07-2008, 04:23 PM
Rip-em a new one Charlie!!

Hang 'em high

I know you've noticed that the price of gasoline has dropped by almost a dollar in the past couple of weeks, proving the market revolves on the principle of supply and demand.

Actually what happened is that Americans, fearing the financial times we're experiencing have just stopped putting so much of their budget into their gas tanks and driving less.

But hold on, even now our tacit enemies at OPEC are getting together to talk about cutting production to run the price back up again.

It's only a matter of time until either OPEC's edicts or some international incident will send petroleum prices skyrocketing, and even now that prices are down they are still too high and seriously rupture the family budget and hamper the industries who make their living in transportation.

What is hard for me to believe is that the three hundred million or so people who are citizens of the U S A and are mandated by the law of the land to send representatives to Washington who act according to our best interests, sit back and let a handful of green nuts, tree huggers and sell out politicians stop the production of our plentiful supply of domestic oil.

I have come to the conclusion that almost all politicians are dishonest and say things for political expediency rather than telling the truth.

It's like when you hear one of them telling you that the oil companies have millions of acres of federal land already approved for drilling they never tell you that there is likely no oil to drill for on a lot of this land.

They also don't want you to know that there are millions of acres of proven oil reserves in the western states and offshore where they forbid the companies to drill.

The sorry truth is that Americans, by a large majority, want to drill in this country and off shore, but a few high profile Hollywood types and super rich people who give millions to campaigns are opposed to drilling so, instead of truly representing their constituencies, the politicians sell we the people out.

If the people of this country ever stopped to really consider what happens on Capitol Hill they would form a lynch mob, set up a gallows on the steps of both houses of Congress and start hangin' 'em high.

The House and Senate don't represent you and me, in fact the only time they even admit we exist is when they come looking for our vote.

They trumpet their passing a bill supposedly benefiting the people and hide their dirty little pork and earmarks, making sure they never see the light of day.

So folks, the gas prices will rise again, and probably higher than they've ever been before while Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the do-nothings on both sides of the aisle, regurgitate platitudes and make sure that America sends seven hundred billion dollars a year to people who would like nothing better than seeing America destroyed.

I'm sick of Congress, I'm sick of the Senate, I'm sick of the smirk on Nancy Pelosi's face and the wimpy voice of Harry Reid, I'm sick of the whole bunch of crooks on Capitol Hill who spend our money like it was water and stop America from being oil independent.

Bring them home this time America. Bring them home and put some honest people in office.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

November 7, 2008

11-07-2008, 04:29 PM
I must admit, this is NOT what I was expecting this thread to be about....