View Full Version : U.S. Drivers Tapping Tijuana Gas Stations ($2.54 per gallon)

06-16-2008, 08:43 AM
U.S. Drivers Tapping Tijuana Gas Stations ($2.54 per gallon)

TIJUANA, Mexico, June 15 -- California motorists are heading across the U.S.-Mexico border into Tijuana to escape record-high gas prices, officials say. Although diesel was in short supply in Saturday at some Tijuana gas stations, they are keeping up with increased demand for regular unleaded and premium gasoline, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Sunday. Regular unleaded gasoline sells for $2.54 per gallon in the city, premium for $3.20 per gallon and diesel for $2.20 per gallon, the newspaper reported. At a filling station on Bellas Artes Boulevard, about two blocks from the Otay Mesa border crossing, the station began...


06-16-2008, 11:34 AM
Same thing in Mexicali - without the long wait to get back over the border. Back in the 70's, when I had a Rabbit diesel pick-up it was 26 cents a gallon and we'd drive to San Felipe to go fishing for about a buck-fifty for the entire trip.