View Full Version : City Gave Police Restrictions That BLM Demanded — Look What Instantly Happens

09-14-2016, 06:30 PM
Black Lives Matter activists have made a list of outrageous demands, including unbelievable restrictions on law enforcement officials, claiming this will make the black community feel safer. However, as soon as one major city gave them exactly what they wanted, they immediately saw just what happens when their lies are put into effect.

The BLM movement has relentlessly called for the “demilitarization” of law enforcement. However, what they mean is that they want police agencies disbanded and prevented from proactive policing. Unfortunately, the anti-police protesters got their way in none other than the dystopia of liberal policies

Run by Democrats for over 8 decades, Chicago is the embodiment of leftist values and also a hub for murder, especially of blacks. Considering that Chicago averaged 36 homicides each month in 2013, the city was the perfect place to test the BLM’s restriction demands to prove once and for if police brutality is causing the accumulation of “bodies in the streets.”

With the rise in support for anti-police organizations like the BLM, Chicago law enforcement officials have been pressured to step down their policing efforts. In fact, president of the Fraternal Order of Police recently announced that the Chicago PD is down to 12,000, with fewer than 900 detectives investigating more than 2,500 unsolved shootings, WGN-TV reports. In a city with as many as 90 shootings per week, law enforcement is at an all-time low.

As Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces they need to hire nearly 1,000 officers to overcome the shortage, experts are taking a look at Chicago murder statistics that black activists might want to stop ignoring.

Blue Lives Matter reports that after just one year of less “proactive policing” in Chicago, around 3,000 people, mostly black, have been shot already. Disturbingly, shootings are up 47 percent this year from the same time in 2015, and it’s not the police doing the shooting. In fact, pedestrian stops have decreased a whopping 82 percent, yet more blacks bodies are piling up.

Under massive pressure from the BLM and other political activists and along with the decreasing number of officers, Chicago has also reduced proactive police activity. While the BLM is getting exactly what they demanded, they are finding that the number one threat to black lives isn’t law enforcement at all but their own race.

Blue Lives Matter puts the hypocrisy and misrepresentation of political groups and the sympathetic media with a terrifying hypothetical situation that many police officers encounter in their careers.

Imagine for a moment that you are a police officer, and you see a group of known drug dealers blocking a sidewalk. Nearby residents can’t get through without walking in the street to get around them. You go up to talk to the people about blocking the sidewalk, and they greet you by cursing at you and telling you to leave. You could leave, which doesn’t solve the problem and allows these drug dealers to control the neighborhood, so instead you tell them to disperse. The dealers refuse to comply and tell you that they aren’t going anywhere.

You can try to talk to them some more, but you could talk until you are blue in the face and not get any reasonable response. You are left with no other reasonable option besides arresting them for not complying with your order to disperse. One of the dealers is a felon with a gun on him and he knows that you will find the gun if arrest him, so he reacts by drawing his gun on you. You respond by shooting him to defend your life. The headline in the paper the next day is about how you shot a man for standing on the sidewalk.

This is just how the media twist proactive policing, causing the masses to demand more restrictions on police. Of course, this only leaves the criminals to run the streets and the murder rate skyrockets.

While celebrity bobbleheads and political preachers rile up the black community to call for the disbanding of law enforcement, black-on-black violence is steadily increasing. According to the FBI, 91 percent of murdered blacks are killed by other blacks. Blacks are roughly 160 times more likely to be killed by one of their own race than by a police officer. Yet, these potential victims are focusing their hatred and fear on the latter


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