View Full Version : Colin Kaepernick Fans Brutally Attack Double Amputee Veteran

09-29-2016, 05:55 PM
While NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick whines about the “oppression” he’s forced to endure in America while raking in astounding $19 million dollars a year, his right to run his mouth and not salute our nation’s flag has been preserved over the years by the blood and sacrifice made by our military men and women. After Kaepernick made put his American-hating antics on full display for the nation to see, one Marine decided to teach the NFL player a little lesson on respect, reminding him why he has the Constitutional right to be a jackass in the first place.

But soon after the Marine gave the NFL star a tongue lashing he would never forget, Colin Kaepernick’s black lives matter fanbase would soon brutally attack the Marine, showing him the true meaning of racism and “oppression” here in America.

Marine sergeant Joey Jones’ life would be forever changed on August 6, 2010 while serving on a combat tour in Iraq. The staff sergeant accidentally stepped on an IED that horrifically blew both of his legs off above both knees. In addition to losing his legs, the blast also severely damaged both his wrists and right forearm. After going through two years of grueling rehabilitation, the Marine hero now devotes his time serving other veterans through his national nonprofit Boot Campaign organization, where he does many public speaking events spreading his message of hope.

Despite being a double amputee, Jones always stands whenever the National Anthem is played because he truly understands the meaning of our nation’s flag, having made an incredible personal sacrifice to preserve it. So when the Marine caught wind of an ungrateful douche by the name of Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand while our nation’s colors were raised, the Marine immediately took to social media to put the NFL player on blast


09-29-2016, 07:22 PM
What a morally bankrupt group of assholes. It's all predicated on bullshit anyway. I'm willing to bet the only reason Colin Kaepernick is even playing this card is because he isn't starting.

On the bench but want to keep your name out there? Grow a power 'fro, take a knee and whine about oppression. I hope the bastard breaks his neck and loses everything he clearly takes for granted.