View Full Version : Muslim Man Driving "Extremely Fast" Crashes into Veteran "in the Name of Allah"

10-03-2016, 01:31 PM
The police report says driver Ameer Abbaf Fakhraldin told police the collision was caused by Donald Trump"s improper treatment of minorities, and by Allah and other people"s lack of faith in him.” Witnesses say he was driving 100 miles an hour. According to the man hit by Ameer: “He was just trying to target as many people as he could. He was just trying to cause a pile up. It wasn"t me personally. It was as if someone were to throw a bomb in the middle of downtown, its no different, it’s the same thinking.”

Perhaps Ameer was inspired by the Nice, France attack, where another Allah-invoking Muslim man intentionally drove his truck into crowds of people, killing nearly 90


We need to ban Moslems from driving

10-03-2016, 02:35 PM
When it comes to cases like this, it's really difficult to tell the difference between religiously-inspired terrorism and religious-themed mental illness.