View Full Version : VIDEO: Woman Tells Cop “Thanks to Obama, I Don’t Have to Listen to You”

10-08-2016, 03:35 PM
Most logical people understand that it is NEVER okay to argue with law enforcement. If there’s an issue, comply now and figure it out later. The people who have the most problems with police are usually the ones who either have something to hide and/or think it’s okay to fight back.

Well, a police officer at the University of Central Florida is under investigation after video surfaced showing him smashing a car window when he said the driver started to roll it up on his hand. The traffic stop took place on September 4th, on the UCF campus. The video was obtained by UCF Police Officer Timothy Isaac’s lapel camera.

He pulled over Victoria King for a broken brake light. She said the car was her mother’s, and she did not have her vehicle registration card. Isaacs processed her information, then walked back to give her a ticket. King, a UCF student, got upset and would not roll down the window. This is despite the officer asking her to do so several times

The driver's response is what the country has come to expect.