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11-09-2016, 04:43 PM
Trump was one battle: the war still wages.

WikiLeaks Releases Batch #36 John Podesta Emails

Today WikiLeaks released another batch of emails from the archives of life-long Clinton family fixer John Podesta. The total release now exceeds 58,000 pages:


One of the leaks is about Northern Virginia politics:


To: podesta@law.georgetown.edu
Date: 2014-10-14 21:18
Subject: It's over. It's done. Go Home.

We're out of ideas, John.

After Vice President Biden emailed you this afternoon, we really thought we'd be in a better place.

But Boehner's Super PAC just launched ONE MILLION DOLLARS of attacks and we're still not hitting our goals. (Seriously, the ads hit Virginia airwaves this morning)

So we're out of options. Either we all chip in what we can, when we can -- or we pack up, go home, and call it a day.

Heck. No.

John's in this thing 'til the bitter end. If you're with him -- and you want to turn Northern Virginia blue once and for all -- then we want to hear from you right now.

John Podesta
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Team Foust

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11-09-2016, 05:05 PM
Collusion with the NY Times?

Re: Hi Angel and Tina -- running stuff by you re Clinton/Trump story in tomorrow's NYT

From:slatham@hillaryclinton.com To: creynolds@hillaryclinton.com, john.podesta@gmail.com CC: jschwerin@hillaryclinton.com, jpalmieri@hillaryclinton.com, bfallon@hillaryclinton.com, nmerrill@hillaryclinton.com, jferguson@hillaryclinton.com Date: 2016-02-29 16:48

Subject: Re: Hi Angel and Tina -- running stuff by you re Clinton/Trump story in tomorrow's NYT

News to me—as is that last part. To my knowledge, we’ve not gotten to that in planning?

I think the first point is ok, but don’t love pointing to states where we think he’ll do well, unless that’s just a total done deal.

*From:* Josh Schwerin [mailto:jschwerin@hillaryclinton.com]
*Sent:* Monday, February 29, 2016 1:41 PM
*To:* Jennifer Palmieri <jpalmieri@hillaryclinton.com>; Christina > Reynolds <creynolds@hillaryclinton.com>; Brian Fallon < > bfallon@hillaryclinton.com>; Nick Merrill <nmerrill@hillaryclinton.com>; > Jesse Ferguson <jferguson@hillaryclinton.com> > *Cc:* Sara Latham <slatham@hillaryclinton.com> >

*Subject:* Fwd: Hi Angel and Tina -- running stuff by you re > Clinton/Trump story in tomorrow's NYT

Are we working on this story on our end?

> > > > ---------- Forwarded message ---------- >

From: *Angel Urena* <Angel@presidentclinton.com>
Date: Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 1:39 PM
Subject: Fwd: Hi Angel and Tina -- running stuff by you re Clinton/Trump > story in tomorrow's NYT

To: Synergy <synergy@hillaryclinton.com> > > > > >

Begin forwarded message:
*From:* "Healy, Patrick" <pdh@nytimes.com>
*Date:* February 29, 2016 at 12:36:31 PM CST
*To:* Angel Urena - PC <angel@presidentclinton.com>, Tina Flournoy < > Tina@presidentclinton.com> > *Subject:* *Hi Angel and Tina -- running stuff by you re Clinton/Trump > story in tomorrow's NYT*

Hi Angel, hi Tina,

Hope you're both well. Amy Chozick and I are doing a story about how the Clinton campaign and its supporters view Trump as a general election opponent and plan to run against him. The story will run in tomorrow's paper.

One part of the story deals with how Secretary Clinton, President Clinton, President Obama, and other Dems regard Trump as a potential general election opponent.

I wanted to run some points by you about President Clinton, based on our reporting with allies and campaign advisers and other Dems who have spoken to him.

We're told that President Clinton (like Mrs. Clinton and some other Dems) thinks that Trump would be a formidable opponent in the general election, and that Dems are in a form of denial if they dismiss Trump as a joke who would be easily defeated in November. President Clinton, like others, thinks that Trump has his finger on the pulse of the electorate's mood and that only a well-financed, concerted campaign portrayed him as dangerous and bigoted will win what both Clintons believe will be a close November election.

We're told that President Clinton (like Mrs. Clinton and many other Dems) thinks the single greatest weapon against Trump is Trump's own instinct to make outrageous, divisive, even hateful comments that can come across as unpresidential. He, Mrs. Clinton, and the campaign all agree that they will need to seize on opportunities to paint Trump as extremist and recklessly impulsive.

We're told that President Clinton, like Secretary Clinton and some others, think Trump could pose a real threat in battleground states that President Obama carried in 2008 and 2012 -- like Virginia and Ohio -- and he will be competitive in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

We're also told that the campaign intends to unleash President Clinton on social media and the campaign trail when Trump lashes out/tries to sway the news cycle.

Happy to talk this over by email or phone before 6pm today.

Thanks, Patrick

Patrick Healy
National political correspondent
New York Times
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