View Full Version : Samantha Bee: White People Ruined America!

11-11-2016, 02:58 PM
The liberal freak-out over Donald Trumpís victory has been the most entertaining thing in a very entertaining presidential campaign. The lefties are crying that the world coming to an end and blaming America for being a bunch of idiots for electing Trump. TBS talk show host Samantha Bee is focusing this liberal tantrum by squarely accusing white people for ruining America.

On her Wednesday show, which I canít imagine anyone watched, she launched into a typical liberal tirade against all of those ignorant un-evolved people who voted for Trump:

ďIn the coming days, people will be looking for someone to blame: the pollsters, the strident feminists, the Democratic Party, a vengeful god. But once you dust for fingerprints, itís pretty clear who ruined America: white people. I guess ruining Brooklyn was just a dry run,Ē said Bee.

I was going to say that Samantha Bee is white and she ruined TBS, but that cable network was unwatchable long before she came along. Her analogy to the gentrification of Brooklyn is all you need to know about how psychotically liberal she is. White people moving into an area and improving it with more jobs and increased safety is not ruining it by any stretch of the imagination