View Full Version : Roger Goodell: Trump Victory ‘Makes My Job Harder at Home’

11-12-2016, 06:46 PM
In a week marked by elections, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s chances of winning an election to become forever known as the worst sports commissioner in history received a boost on Thursday.

While discussing the election of Donald Trump, Roger Goodell, whose dad lost his job as a U.S. Senator because a renegade conservative went third party to oust the liberal Republican, claimed that some of Trump’s comments about women have made his life at home as a husband and father harder.

Goodell told the Washington Post, “Listen, it makes my job harder at home, too. I have twin daughters and a wife and so I have to explain that to them. So yes, on that front. Does it make it harder publicly:vomit:


11-12-2016, 07:30 PM
He's married to Jane Skinner who used to do Happening Now on Fox. She'll help him find his big boy pants. I was listening to the local sports talk radio station overnight(I'm on 3rd shift now) and the host was talking about Trump's time as owner of the NJ Generals of the USFL and how he wanted to compete with the NFL(they never had a chance as the league folded after the 1985 season). There's an ESPN 30 for 30 on it called Small Potatoes. Anyhoo, this guy was worried that Trump is going to hold a grudge over the lawsuit, well, win(the USFL won a suit against the NFL monopoly but was only awarded $3) but Trump didn't think the league was a big deal not to mention that he recently tried to buy the Buffalo Bills so I don't think he holds any grudges.

Dlr Pyro
11-12-2016, 08:17 PM
The election wasn't to make his life any harder or easier, but to select a new leader for this Nation. Fortunately the adults won out and picked the better of the 2 candidates. Fuck you goodell and your biased nfl.

11-13-2016, 08:20 AM
I think Goodell has more important things to worry about like his league's sagging ratings. It ain't because of Trump that's for sure. It's because he's regulating the game like it was run by the Democratic Party. Nobody watches an NFL game to see the referee walk off more yards than Jim Brown.

cadillac shark
11-13-2016, 08:50 AM
Hey, Rog... Resign.

Especially if your home-life consists of 'mansplaining' things to your wife and daughters.

Against the backdrop of your inability to stop the decline of the NFL's viewership. Once it starts, there's no direct pathway to an increase. The MLB and the NHL learned their lessons... It takes years to recover. And their declines only dealt with drugs, union walkouts, and unreasonable salary-increases.

Not petulantly-permissive anti-patriotism. -Course you have elements of the other problems too.

David Stern and the NBA is the only major pro-sport league to 'nip everything in the bud' before it became a problem.

Adam Wood
11-13-2016, 09:10 AM
I think at this point Goodell might be rather like that dingbat up in Seattle or wherever it was who suddenly declared that everyone including the janitor were going to get $70K per year or whatever.

Now, in that case, he had a bunch of brain-drain because he basically screwed everyone who had started coding on the ground floor and moved their way up, which is stupid from an HR perspective, but the real problem there was that he foolishly thought that the money would just fall out of the sky no matter what idiotic Leftist shit that they did. It sure as hell seems to me like the NFL thinks that the money will just fall out of the sky no matter what, and therefore they can do whatever idiotic Leftist shit they want to without any risk of losing viewership, and I'm betting that Goodell and much of the rest of the NFL doesn't figure out the folly of their ways until the Super Bowl comes along and they practically have to give away advertising when they were getting ... what? $2M for a 30-second slot a couple of years ago?

I am betting that the NFL never actually watches the ads on the Super Bowl. If they have any political bent whatsoever, pretty much all of them lean to the Right. Has there been a Leftist Budweiser commercial? Some sort of hate-America BS? Remember the Paul Harvey Dodge commercial a few years ago. Overwhelmingly, they have no political bent at all, and yet the Left tends to freak the hell out over them (remember when they got so furious at Doritos for committing the terrible crime of portraying a live baby on a "sonogram?"). And every time that they do, the NFL bows and scrapes the ground apologizing to the Leftist kooks for daring to offend their sensibilities.

It never occurs to them that normal, everyday, red-blooded Americans actually like seeing the clydesdales in Budweiser commercials, they actually like seeing the celebrations of America and particularly the dreaded fly-over country, they actually like something that makes them feel good about living in this nation during what has been the premier sporting event of this country for the last fifty years or so. Instead, I think he's going to wind up losing out to MLB, particularly after that freaking SPECTACULAR World Series, and then the Super Bowl will relatively tank as the greatest place on earth for advertising dollars.

And that will be entirely on Goodell's head for coddling the Black Lies Murder crowd and the hands-up-don't-shoot liars and the like. Plus, of course, mollycoddling the guys who beat the shit out of their bitches and hoes. Only a moron would not have put the quietus on that crap right away, players' union or no players' union. The money tree won't produce fruit if the soil is poisoned, and Goodell doesn't seem to get that.