View Full Version : Public Interest Legal Foundation Wants DOJ to Investigate Attack on Trump Supporter

11-15-2016, 07:55 PM
Bruised and beaten David Wilcox, a supporter of President-elect Donald Trump, is receiving backing from the Public Interest Legal Foundation in the form of letters to two branches of the U.S. Department of Justice urging an investigation into the Chicago, Illinois beating and carjacking.

Video shows a man being repeatedly and brutally beaten to the ground on Chicago’s West Side while laughter and shouts of “You voted Trump, you voted Trump, yeeaaah” and “beat his a**, don’t vote Trump, don’t vote Trump!” can be heard as the beating of the man is filmed. The video, along with a second video that does not have sound, but shows what appears to be the start of the man being dragged as someone else speeds off in the car, was posted by the Chicago Tribune.

But what was their intent ?


11-15-2016, 09:02 PM
Maybe Mr. Wilcox is receiving savvy legal advice as he is putting on display a DOJ that will do nothing. The next DOJ can pick up that ball and run with it while shining a glaring light on Loretta's lawless version. And at some point Eric Holder is swept into it all......(just let me enjoy this fantasy).
Truth is if Trump's DOJ takes on the "questionable" MO's employed by Obama's pals, they'll have a heavy backlog from the start.