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11-21-2016, 12:52 PM
British Secondary School Cancels MILO Event After Government ‘Counter-Extremism’ Unit Intervenes

The Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys in Canterbury, Kent has cancelled a talk by ex-student and Breitbart senior editor MILO after a U.K. government department dedicated to combating “extremism” intervened

MILO, who is currently in the United Kingdom following the second leg of his “Dangerus Faggot” tour of American colleges, was set to talk to more than 220 Langton sixth formers before the event’s abrupt cancellation yesterday.

The school’s head teacher, Matthew Baxter, told the Kent Gazette that while staff and students at the school had been “overwhelmingly in favor” of the event, the decision to cancel had been taken following “contact from the Department For Education’s counter extremism unit, the threat of demonstrations at the school by organised groups and members of the public and our overall concerns for the security of the school site and the safety of our community