View Full Version : Chicago officer kills man; police check claim he was armed

11-27-2016, 03:59 PM
Chicago police officer says he shot and killed a black man this week after the man twice pointed a weapon at him, but so far investigators have not found the weapon, authorities say.

Police are investigating the death of the man -- identified by his family as Kajuan Raye, 19 -- which comes after months of heavy scrutiny of the department over cases of alleged overreach in officer-involved shootings.

"We were not able to locate a weapon (of Raye's) as of yet," police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told reporters

Raye, of Dolton, just south of Chicago, was a "fun-loving and happy kid who had a bright future," his relatives said in a statement released by the Montgomery Law Firm, which says it is representing the family in the case.

Raye's family is "heartbroken that their son is dead at the hands of a police officer who does not value the sanctity of life of black males," the statement reads. "As a city we continue to struggle with police who are afraid of and have deep seeded prejudices against black youth.

The family has asked its lawyers to "investigate, get answers and hold accountable this officer and Chicago Police Department," the statement reads.

A lawyer with the firm, Jay Payne, told CNN the claim that Raye pointed a weapon is absurd, given that police haven't found one after what Johnson said was a grid search of the area




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